We have not vetted this list and we do not endorse any company or tutor because everyone is entitled to their own experience. It has been recommended by professionals in the industry to find a tutor who is trained in Orton-Gillingham practices. Consider a search that includes professionals from the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE)4 or Certified Academic Language Practitioners or Therapists (CALP, CALT). If you would like a list of vetted professionals, please visit the IDA-RMB List – International Dyslexia Association – Rocky Mountain Branch or ALTA – Academic Language Therapy Association.

Twice Exceptional – Vanessa Sievewright, M.A., CCC-SLP, 303.642.7987, 2xceptional@gmail.com

Cheryl Rowan, certified speech and language therapist, Louisville, 818.427.3600, cheryl@cherylrowan.com

Marcie McNeill, MA/CCC-SLP, 720.290.1667

Meredith Lang, M. A. CCC-SLP, meredithlangspeechlanguage.com

Rocky Mountain Reading – Catherine Harper Deml, M.Ed.

Paula Hall, p.hall@comcast.net, 303.494.7323

Academic Assessment Solutions – Elaine Huot, Child Study, M.Ed., CDE licensed, 303.579.4496

Valerie Tucker, M.Ed., 214.202.3431

Carly Schulman, Little Timbers, littletimbersmt@gmail.com, 248.515.6840

Liaison Learning LLC, Laura Wynfield, 720.771.1172, kestriddim@gmail.com

Linda Cain, http://www.atriskalternatives.com, Boulder, 720.299.8844

Brittany Miers, Broomfield, 303.556.8704, brittany.e.miers@gmail.com, certified elementary and special needs teacher, trained in OG approach and teaching children with dyslexia

LizAnn Nelson, 720.308.1265, Take Flight tutor, izann@fli.zone

Jennifer Chatel Rose, licensed teacher/OG trained tutor, jennifer.chatel@gmail.com, 303.819.2928

The Owl Education Group – Shay Carpenter, 2500 30th Street, Boulder, CO, 303.551.0118, info@owledgroup.com

Learning Pathways – Certified Learning Specialists, Boulder, 303.499.1941

Children’s Hospital Learning Services: Learning Services Overview  

Summit Reading Center LLC, Nicolas D. Clausen, Director, 303.499.9729, nclausen@summitrc.com

Spiral Skills Tutoring and Academic Coaching, OG certified (A/AOGPE and SLDP/CERI), tutoring in OG, Structured Word Inquiry and multisensory math, Spiral Skills Tutoring call 720.308.5040

Bright Connection Tutoring with Christin Terrell, 7207713455, brightconnectiontutoring@gmail.com, Master in Education degree and have several years of experience as a language arts teacher. I also have several years experience as a Barton tutor and am certified Level 1 (although I have taught beyond that)

Wilder Language and Learning, Larisa Wilder, MA CCC-SLP, Expert in Dyslexia and Language Based Learning Disabilities, (720) 536-894

Treehouse Tutoring, LLC, Rachel Dahl, M.A. (Owner/Literacy Tutor), 720-400-6897, rdahl3108@gmail.com

Shannon Scurlock, shannon_smart@hotmail.com, 303-656-1612, Barton tutor

Stride Learning Executive function coach, (720) 908-2957, 555 Burbank St, Unit M, Broomfield, CO

Cindy Goldrich, Ed.M., ADHD-CCSP, ADHD Parent Coach and Teacher Trainer, 516.398-9934, www.PTScoaching.com

PEAK Exceptional Services www.peakgifted2e.com. PEAK specializes in comprehensive psychoeducational assessments and specializes in identifying children with dyslexia.

WINSI Western Institute for Neurodevelopmental Studies and Interventions,  (303) 442-4750, Boulder CO

Elaine Gordon, OG Tutor, Elainegordonsmith@gmail.com

Barbara Wilkin, M.A., WRS-Level I certified (Wilson Reading System), Read Up! Colorado, specializes in reading, written language K—12 (Engalish and Spanish), barbara.klun.wilkin@gmail.com,  218.235.1568

Martha Anderson, neil.martha@gmail.com, (503) 339-6765, trained in the Orton Gillingham approach, online tutoring available 

Margie Thompson, MA, CCC-SLP –  303-827-1915, thompsoje@gmail.com  Speech and Language Pathologist. Trained in Linguistic Remedies and mentored under Dr. Barbara Wise, with additional training in OG. Over 10 years experience tutoring children with dyslexia.

Kathryn Hodge, Therapy certified in the Wilson Program and teacher certified in the Sequential English Education Program (SEE). Have a Masters of Arts in Teaching with a focus in Montessori education. Specialized in teaching learning different students in reading therapy for seven years. Have tutored learning different students in reading therapy for five years. Email address is kathrynebhodge@gmail.com Phone: (214) 797-4181. 

Nina Lindeke, M.Ed., Certified in Orton-Gillingham and Lindamood-Bell programs, Elementary Montessori Teacher for fifteen years, and doctoral student. Online sessions available. Nlindeke99@gmail.com. Willing to travel, serving boulder county and mountain regions. 303.525.3343

Darcy Mordhorst, darcymordhorst@gmail.com, 303.859.4509, OG tutor in Niwot

Richardson Language and Literacy, LLC, Michelle Richardson, MS CCC-SLP, 615.496.2086, michelle@richardsonll.com, licensed SLP with Wilson training, certified at the Associate level through AOGPE


International Dyslexia Association Rocky Mountain Branch