Why Reading Matters
Why Reading Matters
Hard to Read
Hard to Read
Hard Words
Hard Words

Why aren’t kids being taught to read?

Colorado Gives Back Day

Colorado Gives Back Day

Lights of December Parade

Lights of December Parade | Saturday, December 7 | 6 pm

Come march with the BVKID families as we support our community and all people who struggle with dyslexia. We will march together with our BVKID banner and also hand out gloves that light up for all of the kids who will be marching. We encourage anyone who has time to make a poster or sign to march with that highlights successful dyslexic adults or presents a positive message about dyslexia to the community.

****We have 20 pairs of light-up gloves for the first 20 kids.****

You can decorate and bring scooters if you would like. Fun!

Meet at 5:30p
From Pine, turn south on 17th and turn right on Spruce to your staging position
Check-in with Lisa Finnigan, BVKID member (she will be wearing an orange vest)

Location: Downtown Boulder and the Pearl Street Mall

Please carpool as we want to leave as much parking as possible available for spectators. Parking in all City of Boulder parking structures (look for the green P) is FREE on the night of the parade. While parking IS free in the City garages, you must keep your parking ticket in order to exit the garage when you leave. There is a $50 fee for lost tickets – so leave that ticket somewhere in your car so you don’t lose it!

Parade night is also a great night to HOP, SKIP or JUMP downtown. As downtown is the major hub for RTD bus routes you can get downtown by bus from just about anywhere in Boulder.

The parade ends at 15th and Spruce, please be sure to disperse quickly at the end of the parade so that entries behind you can get out.

  • If you are ready to leave, turn LEFT on 15th and go to Pine Street to leave the area;
  • If you need to unload passengers, please pull through the intersection at 15th & Spruce and pull over on Spruce.

2019 Lights of December Parade Rules

  1. No live Santas! (He comes at the end of the parade and there can be only one).
  2. Each parade entry may have up to 50 participants riding/walking with the float.
  3. Limit one large vehicle (fire trucks, flatbed trailers, etc.) or two small vehicles per parade entry.
  4. No throwing candy, balls, gifts, etc. Throwing is prohibited by the City of Boulder. Handing items to parade participants is permitted.
  5. Participants must notify parade organizers in advance if you are having amplified sound as a part of your float.
  6. The use of livestock must be pre‐approved by event organizers. You must have sidewalkers and someone to pick up the animal waste as you move through the parade.
  7. Please remain in your staging area once you have set‐up your float.
  8. While waiting for the parade to start all participants are to stay on or near the curb as float vehicles will be driving through the staging area.
  9. Once your float has completed the parade route please ensure that all of the participants in your group are safely on the sidewalk.
  10. Be courteous to event staff, volunteers and fellow participants.
  11. Follow event staff instructions at all times. Staff will be wearing orange vests.

The mission of our parent group Boulder Valley Kids Identified with Dyslexia (BVKID) is to create a culture of innovation and to promote awareness of dyslexia among parents, teachers, and administration in Boulder Valley and to serve students with dyslexia and related learning disorders to ensure that they reach their maximum potential.


1. To ensure universal dyslexia/reading disability screenings for all kindergartners and any new students entering the district and to monitor their progress using scientific-based assessment tools that are quantifiable and objective.4. To create an equitable pathway through high school, to provide access to all curriculum with peers of similar intellectual capacity, and to achieve similar graduation rates to the overall student population.
2. To ensure that a scientifically-based core reading program is implemented in grades K – 3rd, district-wide, which aligns with the National Reading Panel Report to include: Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.5. To ensure that staff and administrators receive the best, most up-to-date professional development to empower them to feel confident in their ability to teach any child to read.
3. To ensure that the intervention for dyslexic students at all grade levels is scientifically-based with attention to frequency, intensity, duration, and fidelity.6. To promote collaboration between parents and schools in BV to address and meet the needs of students identified with dyslexia and related learning disorders under state and federal laws.
Click on image to learn about our first two years.