“When taking up the cause of our children, we do not mumble, we do not equivocate and we do not stop.” – Brett Tingley, UA-KID

BVKID was inspired by the accomplishments of a few parents in Upper Arlington (UA-KID) who wouldn’t accept failure for their kids as an option. What they did made a difference in the lives of thousands of children who struggled to read. We can make a difference too! Watch the first 25 minutes of this video and join us in our effort to provide every kid with the support they need to meet their full potential.

The Connolly Family’s Story

The Connolly Family’s Story
Part 1

This video offers a glimpse into the life of one family who tried to navigate the school system with a child who is dyslexic. Watch as they explain their struggle and lack of support with the school district to provide the support their son needed to succeed in school.

What is Dyslexia?

“Those with dyslexia can physically change their brain and improve their reading with an intensive multi-sensory intervention that breaks the language down and teaches the reader to decode based on syllable type and spelling rules.” – Kelli Sandman Hurley