Lexercise can be a great option if you are searching for online therapy for your student who struggles with dyslexia. Multisensory Reading Center uses Lexercise as a part of their therapy for their students. You will receive a discount (about $50/month) if you go through these links below.

Dyslexia Therapy, also known as Structured Literacy Therapy, is based on the Orton-Gillingham methodology, which is the only research-based method that provides lasting progress for students with dyslexia. (Read more click here.)

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The Lexercise Basic Therapy program help families access a full dyslexia therapy program who might not otherwise be able to afford sessions with a dyslexia therapist or are comfortable teaching their child on their own with minimal support. Parents will access a video lesson and a series of practice exercises that they will do with their child.  Once the child has successfully completed at least four days of practice, the next level will unlock.  Parents will have access to a therapist who can answer questions that may arise.  More info click here. Lexercise utilizes technology to deliver effective and fun dyslexia therapy to students of all ages.  Students will meet with a dyslexia therapist for a 45 min. live one-to-one lesson (either in office or through teleconferencing).  After the lesson, the student will log in to their Lexercise account and access a tailor practice plan that provides the repetition and mastery work that allows students to develop automaticity in their reading and spelling skills.  More info click here.
Basic Therapy is a monthly subscription fee of $150.00.  Check the Lexercise website for monthly discounts. Professional Therapy cost $450.00 per four sessions ($113.00 per week).  Mention this flyer to receive a $55.00 discount off monthly service for $395.00 per month ($98.00 per week).  You can also use FHSA or HAS funds to cover the cost.

Contact Info:
Jen Parra, M.ED, LDT, CALT, CDS
Certified Academic Language Therapist and
Executive Director, Multisensory Reading Center
Licensed Dyslexia Therapist (State of Texas)
Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist (IDA)

Lexercise for Schools

If you are struggling to find an online therapy that is structured literacy at your school, provide them with this flyer: Lexercise for Schools Overview.