Common Handwriting Concerns and Ideas for Support

Erin donated her time to provide support for our BVKID community. She is an expert in her field and an advocate for kids who struggle.

Erin Trendler, MS OTR/L
Occupational Therapist

Erin has created an excellent resource with ideas on how to support your child with handwriting. Download the PDF and share it with your teacher or anyone you know who could benefit.

Occupational Therapist Referrals

Occupational therapists provide a unique perspective on handwriting through a developmental lens of physical motor and visual perceptual skills. These local OTs may be available to provide support in a private setting. 

KidSPOT in Louisville
Jill McCarthy with KidSkills
Karina Black with Skills4Life

Recommended Handwriting Curriculums (you can do at home)

Handwriting Without Tears – Books, materials, and an app for grade K-5. Includes print and cursive curriculum.
Handwriting Heroes – This program does not focus on letter formation, but works on line placement, letter size, and placement. This is good for a student who can form all of the letters correctly, but the legibility is a concern. There are 6 basic rules to follow.
Size Matters – Print instruction with a focus on formation, starting point, size, and placement. I have not used this program, but it is highly respected in the OT world. 
Loops and Groups – Cursive instruction. This is an old school, classic program. It focuses on a kinesthetic approach to cursive writing. 
Better Handwriting for Adults – For older students, I like this free handwriting book from the National Adult Literacy Agency.

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