Board Members

Michael Bucey, President

Erin Nelson, Secretary

Nathalie Moyen, Treasurer

Sarah Vaught, Marketing

Jeannine Wyer, Community Outreach

Elaine Huot, Educational Advisor

Wendi Kirkpatrick, Advisor

Committee Members

Camri McAvoy – Graphic Designer and T-shirts

Eillen Rojas and Nathalie Moyan – Grant Writing

Lisa Finnigan and Jeannine Wyer – Annual Struggling Readers Symposium

Elaine Hout -Experience Dyslexia® Simulation

Wendi Kirkpatrick – Barton Lending Library

Level 1: Parent Advocate

Support BVKID as a parent advocate. Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media, advocate to support our mission and objectives at your school.

Level 2: Active Member

Official member, attend monthly meetings and events, join a committee.

Level 3: Board Member

Officer of the Board, attend monthly meetings, active responsibilities per bylaws.