Note: The workshop with Kelli Sandman-Hurley is sold out. However, the rest of the symposium is open and does not require any signup.

Panel of Experts

Academic Assessment Solutions – Elaine Huot – Elaine Huot, director of Academic Assessment Solutions, is an internationally certified teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience in both general education and special education classrooms. Elaine offers in-depth, accurate academic assessments for students ages 4 years to adult.  Assessments can determine Dyslexia, Specific Learning Disabilities, Gifted, and Twice Exceptional students. Elaine is available to attend IEP and 504 meetings as a student/parent advocate. Using research-based linguistic programs for Dyslexia, Elaine provides individual language instruction. Elaine uses a multi-sensory approach for teaching students with specific learning challenges.

Alstad Educational Consulting – Dr. Zachary Alstad: Dr. Zachary Alstad is passionate about helping students with disabilities. He works with students and families to make the path to and through college the best experience possible. Important ideas we address include: Learning tools for college-level reading and writing, creating a college-ready organizational system, finding the ideal and individualized technology climate, avoiding distractions to increase time on task, college prep, testing, planning, application and transition, exploring tools for self-advocacy and autonomy, and addressing anxiety and identity issues related to the diagnosis.

Boulder Valley School District: BVSD’s Assistive Technology department is on hand to answer questions about technology tools available in the district to help struggling readers and writers. Reading director, Michelle Qazi is also available to answer questions.

Camille Hook, MA, CCC-SLP: I am a speech pathologist in Boulder CO. I had five years of experience in the schools before opening a private practice in 1999. I have training in Linguistic Remedies and Orton Gillingham. My practice focuses on structured, research-based strategies for teaching students who struggle with specific learning disabilities SLD. This includes teaming with students, schools, and parents. I attend school meetings and set up communications to best serve the student’s needs and transfer learning outside my classroom. My mission states: “Through teaching awareness of their own brain and using structured sequence, it is my goal to open doors to student lead success in literacy. Together we will set goals, reveal purpose, and accomplish confident reading”.

Children’s Hospital Colorado: Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Learning Specialists, in the Department of Audiology, Speech Pathology and Learning Services, conduct comprehensive learning evaluations and provide learning support services and therapies to individuals as well as small groups of children. Specialists provide children and families access to the most current knowledge and advancements in the fields of learning and learning disabilities. The diagnostic learning evaluations provide families, professionals, and caregivers with comprehensive information related to the child’s academic strengths and needs. Parents are provided with information and guidance to help them ensure that their child’s academic needs are adequately addressed. Together, these learning specialists provide support and a circle of family-centered care unmatched in the Rocky Mountain/Great Plains region.

Effective Technology for Learning – Debbie Campbell: I received my bachelor’s degree in elementary education and went on to receive my master’s degree (and Ph.D.-ABD) in Curriculum and Instruction.  My professional work has included working in elementary classrooms and as an adjunct professor at both Denver University’s Teacher Education Program and University of Northern Colorado’s Center for Urban Teacher Education. I most recently have been working as an Assistive Technology Consultant & Trainer. 

Get IEP Help – Yael Cohen: Yael, the #1 bestselling author of Secrets of a Special Education Advocate, has over 30 years of experience of success working directly with children with special needs, including teaching “unteachable” children to read, write, do math, and improve behavior in the USA and abroad. In addition, she is known as an extremely successful special education advocate both in Colorado and around the country for the last 28 years, who proudly boasts that she has under a handful of cases that have gone to the legal system.  Ph: 303-800-4118 Facebook page: Get IEP Help

Hillside School: Hillside School provides specialized instruction in reading, writing, and math for students in 1st grade through high school in a supportive environment.  We enable students with dyslexia and other learning differences to reach their academic potential and become capable and confident learners.   Hillside School is a leader in the development of innovative teaching strategies for students with learning differences and serves as a community resource about the educational well-being of children.

International Dyslexia Association – Rocky Mountain Branch: The International Dyslexia Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals living with dyslexia, language and literacy challenges, their families and the communities that support them. The Rocky Mountain Branch provides local workshops and resources to educate and increase public awareness of dyslexia, a learning difference that affects up to 20% of the U.S. population.   

Kirk Neurobehavioral Health: Kirk Neurobehavioral Health is a professional clinic that was founded to provide comprehensive assessment, consultation, and intervention services for children, adolescents, and young adults with developmental and/or acquired injury needs. Every evaluation is tailored to meet the individual needs of the child, and identify his/her weaknesses in order to more appropriately prescribe effective educational and therapeutic interventions. Our doctors are experienced, licensed psychologists with additional training in developmental psychology, brain development, and medical complications which affect brain functioning. We conduct the evaluations in a way that provides the special attention that your child needs during the assessment process.

Learning Ally: Learning Ally is a leading ed-tech nonprofit organization that transforms the lives of struggling learners by delivering educational solutions that increase teacher effectiveness and help students reach their academic potential. With the largest library of human-read audiobooks available, Learning Ally helps bridge the gap between students’ reading capability and their ability to learn grade-level content. Used in more than 15,000 schools nationwide, Learning Ally’s complete solution ensures all struggling students become confident and empowered learners.

Liaison Learning – Laura Wynfield: I am licensed as a Special Educator and Learning Specialist.  My business, Liaison Learning, has been providing services since 2001.  My background in structured, sequenced, multi-sensory instructional practices stems from 20 years of training and practice.  I use a combination of several Orton-Gillingham based systems; Linguistic Remedies, Wilson Reading, OG, and F.A.S.T.  My goal is to construct an individualized intervention plan that leads to a superior learning experience for kids along with promoting collaboration among all team members.  Respecting the challenges that students with Dyslexia or those with reading struggles face each day is at the core of my philosophy and practice.

Linguistic Remedies for Reading Disabilities – Barbara Wise: Barbara Wise has a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and an MS in Special Education in learning disabilities and reading. She has enjoyed teaching children with learning and emotional-behavioral difficulties in classrooms, resource rooms, and in private educational therapy for many years. Developing the Linguistic Remedies program allowed Barbara to share her research knowledge and teaching ideas with teachers and therapists who work with children with Specific Reading Disabilities. Besides working with teachers, she continues to enjoy an active private practice in educational therapy working with these children and their parents.

Marcie McNeill, MA/CCC-SLP: Marcie McNeill is a Speech-Language Pathologist in Boulder with a special interest in the connection between language, speech, and reading abilities.  She has worked in school settings for several years and has participated in extensive continuing education related to literacy.  Marcie views herself as a family advocate when it comes to navigating the special education system.  She can be reached at or 720-290-1667

Refuge Reads: Refuge Reads is a FREE literacy program for students ages 5-adult who would otherwise not be able to afford private tutoring. This multi-sensory, one-on-one tutoring program is designed for those who are struggling with reading, writing, and spelling.

Rocky Mountain Reading – Catherine Deml: Catherine Deml, M.Ed. is a licensed Reading Specialist in Broomfield Colorado with over 25 years of experience teaching struggling readers with evidence-based interventions.  A veteran Reading Specialist and Trainer of The Cherry Creek School System, Catherine is now a listed provider for The International Dyslexia Association, The Children’s Hospital Learning Services Center, BVKID, National Jewish, & The Developmental Neuropsychology Clinic a The University of Denver. In addition to private practice, Deml guest lectures, trains/mentors teachers along the Front Range in Multisensory evidence-based reading practices. As a Professional Member of The National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals, Deml supports her students with ADHD/Executive Function supports and structures.

Stride Learning – Brandon Slade: Since 2015, Stride Learning has been dedicated to assisting students who struggle with executive function in the classroom. We believe that having a mentor benefits students academically, emotionally, and socially. Strong connections with mentors positively impact students’ work ethics, confidence, resilience, and overall character development. Our mentors provide guidance to students from a non-parent, non-teacher perspective; we are an additional pillar in each student’s support system, cheering them on while also holding them accountable.

University of Colorado’s Attention, Behavior, and Learning Clinic: Our clinic provides comprehensive, psychoeducational evaluations to better understand a child’s learning strengths and needs. Evaluations include an overview of a student’s academic needs, including whether a diagnosis of dyslexia is appropriate.  In addition, cognitive testing, attentional and Executive Function testing, and an emotional screen help to understand helpful learning and regulatory strategies, as well as how to utilize a student’s strengths and passions.

University of Colorado  Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic: Offering audiological, speech, and language services to children and adults in the Boulder and Denver Metropolitan area. The clinic is able to offer both speech-language assessments/evaluations as well as speech-language interventions.

Yes!: YES! (Youth Examples of Self-Advocacy)sponsored by Learning Ally is a program that pairs younger students (ages 9 and up) with dyslexia with a teen Ambassador who has some of the same learning challenges. Through 4 in-person events, the Ambassadors help the members recognize their strengths and challenges, build confidence, and learn the tools necessary to be a self-advocate. Even more important, the program provides a sense of community for children with dyslexia. The YES! Ambassadors also travel around Colorado educating parents, teachers, students, and others about dyslexia and sharing their personal dyslexia journey.