How does BVKID give back?

Dec. 2016- BVKID born ● Jan 2017 -Mission statement, goals, and logo adopted ● BVKID Website established ● BVKID Facebook page established ● First Year Budget- $200 (10 people chipped in $20 each to buy an Experience Dyslexia simulation kit) ● BVKID flyers made in Spanish and English ● 100+ parents and students speak at board of education meetings about dyslexia ● Quarterly Newsletter to 400 people ● Non-Profit incorporation May 2017 ● Board of Education invests 1.2 million targeted for dyslexia ● We serve on: – BVSD Dyslexia Advisory Committee (DAT) – BVSD Dyslexia Assessment Committee – BVSD Dyslexia Implementation Team (DIT) – CDE Dyslexia Focus Group – CDE READ Plan Task Force – Special education and literacy materials adoption committees ● Wilson Just Words approved for special education ● Fundations approved for all students in K-1 ● Adoption of a diagnostic screener, CORE PHONICS and RAN ● BVSD has trained 78 interventionists and teachers in Orton Gillingham ● Struggling Readers Symposiums at CU: – 2017: 100 people attended, guest speaker Jonathan Mooney – 2018: 150 people attended, guest speaker Chris Anthony ● Founding member of COKID (Statewide association of “KID” groups) ● Community outreach ● Tee shirts made ● Happy hours ● Picnics ● Kids panel ● EL PASO Summit ● Small Business Expo ● Dyslexia awareness tables at Barnes and Noble and local libraries ● Support group meetings offered ● Library presentation guest speaker Kathy Sherman ● IDA Experience Dyslexia Simulations – 4 open to general public – 6 to local schools ● 655 Facebook followers ● Expert Advice to community members ● Dyslexia Awareness Presentation to ALL K-5 teachers (500) and principals (30) in BVSD ● Scholarships for 6 teachers to be OG trained ● Guest Speakers at monthly meetings: – Barbara Wise PhD, developer of Linguistic Remedies – Alisa Dorman MEd, CDE Executive Director of Literacy – Valerie Tucker MEd, Advocate who helped changed dyslexia laws in TX ● Story by CPR education reporter Jenny Brundin featuring BVKID co-president Caron Trout ● Interview of BVKID co-president Michael Bucey on Colorado Matters ● Letter to the Daily Camera co-president Caron Trout ● Struggling Readers Symposiums and Experience Dyslexia Simulations featured in the Daily Camera ● Mesa Elementary trains all teachers in OG ● Fundraisers: – Chipotle – Lucky’s – Barnes and Noble gift wrapping – Murphys – Amazon Smile – King Soopers – Car donations – Online peer-to-peer networking
  • Teacher Professional Development

Summer 2018: Provided scholarships to six teachers that included 40 hours of course work and an in-class practicum. Candidates were asked to write an essay that described why they would make a good candidate for the scholarship. The following are the candidates that were selected. We look forward to your continued efforts in reaching out and supporting the instructional needs of our students who are dyslexic. 

Katlyn Klaus, Ryan Elementary, a 2nd-grade teacher
Ambika Parker, Arapahoe Ridge HS, literacy teacher
Melissa Tobin, Uni Hill, a 3rd-grade teacher
Lisbeth Werlin, Louisville Elementary, 1st grade
Kelly Marcus, Heatherwood Elementary, 5th grade
Kelly Anderson, Birch Elementary, 3rd grade

Each scholarship costs $1500. This training provides teachers with the training needed to reach all students but specifically the dyslexic population.

  • Community Advocacy Annual Event

Every year in October for Dyslexia Awareness month, we put on an event to benefit the community. It is a struggling reader symposium held at the CU Leed College of Business. We bring in a motivational guest speaker, hold a simulation, and invite professionals for families to ask questions and gather information.

  • Experience Dyslexia®  Simulations

Experience Dyslexia® is a simulation that lets participants experience some of the challenges and frustrations faced by people with language-based learning differences. Participants are guided through six learning tasks commonly encountered in the classroom or workplace. These activities are followed by a group discussion focusing on experiences shared and lessons learned, as well as practical tips, accommodations, and interventions for the classroom.